Mark is off to a great start.  I can hear Joe’s handiwork already in the way he starts topics and does not inundate us with the number.  Really great! (Example 01 below)

Its ironic but he sounds old but actually I think he’s the most FM guy we’ve got, even more than Johnny B and Dave. He should give out the FM frequency frequently.

He is going to fall into regular calls very quickly.  We need to really watch that.

I like the way he handles the topics and has fun with them.  He needs to put more of himself in them.  He sounds like he has a lot of stories and some good life experience.  That should be a big part of the content.  (Example 02 below)



1) Shorten the topics.  Keep them to one per segment at the most but two per segment as a rule.  Mark usually says about everything he has to say in the first 4-5 minutes and then repeats.  Better to  cut early  and come back around the topic later.

2) Tell more personal stories.  Mark sounds pretty fearless, and that can be a real advantage.  “This one time…” Should become a staple of the show.    Also I have the feeling he is a good storyteller, has good timing.  The stories have to be topic related of course.  Not about  his weekend.

3) Tease ahead/Formatics.  It’s great that he doesn’t usually give numbers until the break but  he should also tease the next segment.   Also, even though we have the recorded ins and outs I think he should say is name, KFQD, and the FM frequency too.  It will register faster.



Audio Examples

01 Global Warming

KFQD 01 good open


02 Mark and Spike are Brothers

KFQD 02 Funny segment clear