Overall Observations…

I still want Leo to slow down just a little bit more in the heart of the segments.  Begin and end formatics are fine and the right speed and energy

There is a good balance between Armelle and Sandra and they sound different enough.  Keep it like this.

Armelle: be careful with the ‘shut the fuck up’ and ‘say my name bitch’ comments.  I think you’re just over the line.

You have to talk about the music more and be more excited about it.


Three Things Payoff


Great interaction!

Armelle perfect telling the story…funny, interesting, not too long

It’s ok that Armelle tells her story after the guy wins, but then you have to start the song as everyone laughs at her story.  Forget the prize on air, tell the guy off air.  Especially since it’s not a big prize.


Minute Angry Call 1


The weight and call in the same segment works.  Like the double because it’s not too long

Good transition from one to the other

After the call you have to tease and move on very quickly.  3o seconds here is too long

Are these calls funny enough or simply mean?



This starts a little slow. Maybe should be more tightly edited to get to the good stuff faster?

Great reaction from the team when he finally gets to the real secret

Good advice from Leo, and saying that they don’t judge

Weird transition to the song hook