-Slow it down even more during Insolite.   Fast Intro and outro, but more command in the middle

-Dont turn it over to Armelle for Insolite, just cue her to take over and you.  Then switch naturally to reaction role.

-The humor sounds good.  Keep going in this direction, more sex jokes.

-Remember you can be a little bit ”mean girl” but never at the target.  Aim it at boyfriends, bosses, idiots at work etc.


-Great energy in Insolite but you’re a little too fast and a little too loud

-Turn the headphones way up and get closer to the mic.  It will make you less loud and closer to the listener

-Give Leo spaces to respond  during Insolite   Watch him do you can read each other and you know when he will jump in


-It may be a little long for just one topic.  Let’s try slowing it down for reactions but keeping it to the same length as a way to keep it to the best stuff.   We may want to do more than one story.

Prank Call

-Great call here.  The right target, good length, and a great ending!  A model call.

Audio Examples

Prank Call.  Well done, good finish…



Insolites.  Armelle a little too loud, a little too fast, but playful and fun…