1) We are going to adjust the target audience slightly older.  Lets make it a 24 year old woman.  Still active, likes to party, etc, not a family yet.  But not as ‘meangirl’ and with less tolerance for constant vulgarity.

2) Leo your role is to just keep it light and fun and funny.  Find the humor and play with as many things as you can.

3) Armelle your role is the responsible one…pull the others back.  Don’t let them (and especially Sandra) make you say bad words, even when quoting movies.

4) Sandra you’re the wild one, but make it more infrequent.  Tease it more, let us guess a little more.  On Monday you had at least one fuck in almost every segment in the 8am hour.  Maybe once or twice per show, when it’s really worth it.

5) You really have to like and sell the music.  It’s still not enough, not even close.

Armelle Segment…


Armelle does a great and funny job of setting this up

Maybe just a little less reading and a little more telling.  But the interaction during the setup is good.

It’s a little long.  The last half where you all are playing is perfect…it just needs to come sooner.  Maybe a shorter setup and then get to the comments free for all faster.

Sandra, this is the way to be the wild girl.  It’s clear you’re wild but it doesn’t go too far.

Out of Flash…


This is just too long.  It’s good to interact with Armelle at the end of the flash but it should be shorter.

This gets a little too out of control and vulgar at the end when Sandra talks over the claim and leo goes dirty.