Leo has to slow down the formatics a bit, he is ‘throwing away’ the name of the station.  And he has to ‘own’ RnB radio much more.  Witek is right.  It’s a matter of tone and attitude.

Leo has to slow down and space out the story presentations a little bit.  He runs the facts together, and there is not enough tension.  Specific examples below.

The lengths of the benchmarks are good.  Some are slightly longer becaue of Son Mystere tease, but it’s ok.

What’s Next


Good story

The right kind of topic for ADO

It moved fast and was fun.

Crank Call


This is not good.  It’s too mean to the lady and not really funny.

We are smarter than this.

Mia’s Tip


Good interaction here.  It used to be just Mia reading.

This is not a strong tip.  It’s not really fun or very funny.

Let’s brainstorm these more and better, with the target in mind.

Today’s Champ


This is a good story, and it’s fun.

Leo needs to slow down the presentation, space out the facts to add more tension.