Armelle Segment


Great, fun segment!

Armelle needs to slow it down in the middle a little bit, add some room for Leo and Sandra to interact more

Leo and Sandra need to interact more.




Great set up!  Right speed, it adds some tension

Good interaction

We have to start working in each others names….not formal, but in the interaction moments.

Flex Time


GREAT story.  This is what Flex time is for!

Nice job around the sex part, both Leo and Armelle

It would be better with a little more tension…Armelle really doesn’t want to tell the story at first dragging more to make it bigger.

Liar Liar Reax


Good reset of the three options, so it’s perfectly clear if someone did not hear the first segment!

Fun options.  This is much better than poop in the pool.  Keep them to things like this.

For some crazy reason Laurent guessed correctly at 1.54 and the segment ended at 3.37.   This is waaaaay too long.   usually you want to hit the song as  soon as he wins.  With an option like this it’s cool to take a few extra seconds than usual to explain the doll a little bit more, but then you have to move on quickly.  There was too much ‘hang out’ in this one.