ADO October 2015


The team sounds like genuine friends and very interactive. It also sounds very authentic because everyone says little things about themselves often enough. Keep that up.  There is the right balance of Sandra and Armelle, and their voices and roles are distinct.

We are too disgusting and vulgar too frequently.  Any one segment doesn’t cross a line but In the 12 or so examples I heard to prepare, woman farts on her cat.  A woman shits on her bosses car. Leo can smell a woman’s period. A woman calls Leo a faggot over and over. And a man tells Leo to go fuck himself over and over. Do a slightly vulgar segment and then play clean for a while.

We really have to tie in with the music and son mystere more.  Make them events not mentions.  Even if you have to act.  The reason for this is we are trying to position a new music format, so you have to do this more than NRJ, Skyrock, etc.


Everyone is in their roles.  Leo you speed up at the end and then forget the Formatics or forget to be super excited about the song.

Armelle presence is great.   And there is a real difference between Sandra and Armelle roles and presence

Sandra sounds better not as over the top  about the partying all the time. It’s still clear that you’re the ‘fun one’ but more indirect


When the game comes off for two weeks during holidays, add a Flex Time.

Sometimes Leo speeds up toward the end of the segment because he’s nervous about time.  You have to stay at the same speed, but cut and tighten up earlier in the segment to manage the time.

We should change the Leo minute because I worry that it’s the same every time.  Now we will see how fast Leo can get someone mad, and create tension and serial to see if he can do it better and more spectacularly each next day.  Good promo.

Armelle Segment


Good example of everyone in their roles, the show in its ‘lanes’ of Fun, Funny, Feel Good.  Good interaction.



Great authentic reaction from everyone.  You’re all into it.

To save time in these:  walk us and the ‘caller’ through their story, and then set them up for the big secret reveal. Don’t leave it to them to tell their story unless they are very good at it.

Leo’s Minute


We will change the mechanic so that this will be about time instead of always a minute. This is the same very time.

We need to complicate this a little…where Leo calls, what he is supposed to say, etc.

Love the minute after the call where you all discuss how easy it is to piss off people form Marseilles.

Liar Liar (Three things) Payoff


This is just too long.  And the Son Mystere before it does not make it long.  If you have Son Mystere or another element in the segment, you just have to tighten this.  Tighten the three things you each present.