Armelle Flash


-Love the interaction with Leo throughout

-In the Mars candy bar story (and ‘process’ stories), make it about the plastic found or the trigger of the process before the process itself (someone finds plastic and a candy bar so the Mars candy company is pulling back candy in 55 countries…)

-Love the way you comment and outright laugh about the postman/drivers license story!  This is a great way to end a flash

-The postman bit ended up going too long when everyone got involved…it was well over 2 minutes from the start of the story to the end of the comments.

Sandra Segment…


-These don’t sound open to the listener enough, they are too much about you.

-Make sure this is positioned as something like ‘all the crap we all try to avoid in life happens to Sandra’ or something that puts this in an ‘us’ context. ¬†Also say things like ‘well everyone does this’ or ‘this happens to everyone’ to involve us all when you can