The team is still going too fast too often, and the segments are not much shorter.  The average time of all the segments I heard was about 3.45.   We have to really focus on slowing down..someone has to be the Chief of Slowing down, to tell the others.  Sandra?  

Let’s focus on slowing way down and building in tension first, and then next week will focus on shortening segments without speeding up.  Pace first, then length.  

Let’s also focus on roles: Sandra is the one who is ‘us’, tells stories of her life, her friends, her roommate, the stuff that really is our stuff.  Armelle is in charge of info, does the segments where information is being given out. 


Second Date Recap


This sounds good.  It moves, it is not too fast, and it’s very easy to understand what is happening

The actual call was confusing because Leo played it and set it up one way and then added something totally different.  Since it’s new and we need people to understand and buy in, we should keep it super simple for now.

Sandra says its terrible when it’s happening, but then sells it at the end of the call itself.   Just talk about how fun it is and how we all really want to know, and stay with that.

Armelle Segment (Faking Sex)

160425-ado-armelle  (This is an excerpt of when it really speeds up)

This is a fun topic, and very relevant.  It just goes really fast.

Leo, when you are walking through how this works is when you need to go really slow and be intimate.  You’re sharing intimate stuff here, there is no need to race.

Insolite (Butts)


Not sure what segment this is.  Insiolite?  If so it feels more like an Armelle segment

Not sure why we are doing this?  Why do people need to know and what will they do with this info?

We should be more clear about what’s in it for the listening, like faking sex sounds or like Second Date

Roles: Sandra talks about her own life, personal experiences.  Armelle is in charge of info.