-I like the sound of Leo and the girls.  It will be ok while we find one more male voice.

-The show already sounds lighter, more smiling and genuine laughing.

-Sandra sounds great in the mix too.


Armelle segment, telling a story…


-Great energy!  Very engaging.

-Too fast, a little too hyper.

-Space it out, add some drama, leave room for Leo to respond and make you laugh.

-(Leo, jump in and crack her up!)

An example of the “Armelle” setting up a story, listen for her timing so the main presenter can jump in…




Crank Call…


-I am liking the topics of these lately.

-I want you to go even a little bit further…try to get him to hit on your wife!  To admit it.


Champion du Jour…


-Great interaction from everyone!  Armelle and Sandra jumping in!

-This moves fast but not too fast.  Great Leo sound.

-The champion needs to be more extreme, almost hard to believe.  The last few I have heard are not really weird at all.


Who said that…


-Even better interaction!  Sounds like everyone is genuinely having fun.