Flex Time Follow up…

6.20.  Sandra’s date…


Better positioning for Sandra that she is not all about sex all the time, and this is close enough.

Great authentic, friends story.  Relevant

Sandra going a little too fast.

Great turning this into question, involving the community

7.20.  Armelle’s in laws


Both Leo and Sandra going a little too fast.  Command and control

Arielle story well told, good timing and facts

Flex times have to be super relevant to the rest of us, so make sure these stay close to our world.  This has to be more about the flies and potatoes as a payoff and less about all the details of your family visit.

8.20 Leo’s Warts


Good Leo tone and command.  Leo should sound more like this in the other two.

This has to be much more about Leo.  It was too much about toothpick guy.  Use that as a quick way in, but then get to your own stuff fast.

Leo sounds shameless.  We can really have a lot of fun with that!…