General Observations

GREAT teamwork!  Everyone in their roles, everyone interacting.  Sounds like good friends.

Leo is dong a much better job of selling the music.  It sounds like they are into the music and it’s a real part of their show.

I hear a LOT about Sandra and drinking and alcohol…

Liar Liar Payoff…


This is a great sounds.  It sounds like good friends and a fun team

Very engaging

The Leo one is best…personal, vulnerable, authentic. Closer to what these often should be



The sex limit.  “Touching himself” in several references probably a little too much

Don’t be afraid to pull back their language too, a little bit.  This probably right at the limit.

Great reactions from everyone

Out of Flash…


A little too long, and a little too much about you without context

This should be a QUICK tease of next benchmark, then all about the music and hit the song

Mad in a Minute…


Great segment, and Leo manages the guy well from the very beginning

Leo should manage the anger a bit.  The guy gets vulgar and Leo can say “hey there cowboy nobody told you to talk like that.  I’m not your mom” or something that calls him on the language but keeps up the bit.

Sylvain idea:  30 second special on Friday. Since Leo always wins this!