Ari & Antonio September 2014


What’s working…

GREAT discussion of ice buckets.  Antonio brings a lot of energy and engagement out of Ari (example below).

Excellent topic selection

A&A do a good job of moving back and forth between sports topic and general topic.

Antonio’s personal experience really becoming a benefit in the show.

What still needs some work…

Tangents.  Antonio can get sidetracked, as in the discussion of  Carmello and LeBron’s wight loss (example below).

Set ups are still too long.  They need to get right to the point more quickly.


Jump right into the topic.  Loud, proud, clear.  Then take more time to fill it out, get to Antonio’s experience, etc.

Would love to hear more topics in the style of the ice bucket challenge cut below.


Ice buckets.  Good point…

AriAntonio 01 Ice Bucket Challenge

This gets good but starts slow and wandering.

This is example showing how they need to jump right into the topic.

Here’s an outside example.  Jason and Dat on the Texans…

Jason Dat 01 perfect open


Ice buckets.  GREAT point…

AriAntonio 02 GREAT Ice Bucket Point

This is how the segment should have started (it’s about 2 minutes in).

LOVE this energy and the ability to make this a general topic, not just a sports topic.

This is also an example of how Antonio really brings out the best in Ari


Carmello and LeBron…

AriAntonio 05 Paleodiet

A better topic start.  Faster, clearer.

Another example of Ari being better because of Antonio’s presence.