What’s Working

Bernadette is getting into topics faster and I. More engaging ways.  Ethan is interrupting her setups less so she is able to plant the topic better.

As both hosts are more respectful of each other the distinction between them is better.   It’s much easier to listen to

That have more frequent moments where they share personal insight and not just arguments or talking points.

What’s Not Working

Ethan is still sniping. And his snipes are not opinion.  They are still sucker punches.

Ethan is often more technical and less personal. And often the technical still hides his true opinion.

Bernadette has to ‘call out’ Ethan to get to his opinion faster and clearer

They still sound angry a lot of the time


  1. Keep working to cut back the sniping.   It’s working.
  2. Have fun. None of this is life and death and you like each other.  Show it more. Play more.
  3. Bernadette keep adjusting prep to plant the topics and get to your emotional reaction to them faster and with even more confidence.
  4. Ethan don’t be afraid of the light topics.  They are just as important.
Here’s an example of jumping right into the topic but also Ethan getting technical and not having a clear opinion…

Nice topic start

Nice explanation from Ethan although he does get too technical sometimes


Here’s an example of  how they sound when they are neither sniping nor arguing…

BB #4-Cute Bears 7:29 8am 3-46