B&B Election Special  (9pm hour)


What worked…

GREAT live local sound on election night!

In the 9pm hour, B&B did not bicker.  They discussed.  It sounded very good.

This is good enough to sponsor.  For November? Packaged with special Wednesday morning recap and lead-up spots?

What to consider doing differently in November (and next time there’s a special)…

Clear formatics where the hosts explain what they’re doing and how it works

If Dave is part of this next time, assign one host to be “in charge” every hour to do opens and closes, formatics, corral the conversation when it gets out of control, and set the topics.

Have the hosts do a brief update every few minutes, and especially coming out of breaks:  “Here’s what we have so far…”

Have the discussion be not just about the campaigns that just ended, but what we can expect next given the winners and losers of the election.  And for November, maybe some pre-scheduled interviews with pot people in Colorado in case that prop wins.

Have a producer wrangle numbers and interviews.  It sounded awkward to hear B&B struggling to find things on the computer while simultaneously on the air.

News audio: Dave Sanders saying “Tuesday’s election” like it’s in the future, during the 9pm newscast on Tuesday night…

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