This is Carlos.  He lives and works in Tecuala, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.

Tecuala is a tiny town with mostly dirt streets and no stoplights.  It’s on the Pacific Coast, about half way between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

Tecuala has no radio stations.  So at some point many years ago, Carlos started driving the town streets and making announcements through a small speaker on his truck.  Then friends and neighbors and business owners started paying him to, for instance, show up in front of the church as the 11 o’clock mass was letting out, to announce a sale at the bakery.  So Carlos invested in a much bigger speaker (visible on the bed of the truck behind him), some audio software, and a CD player.  Now every day he rotates music, does dedications, does those live announcements, and mixes it altogether into a kind of radio show, part live and part on CD, and plays it from his truck as he drive the dirt streets.

When I met Carlos a few years ago I realized how he and I are in the same business.  The only difference, other than the fact that he never waited for someone to show up with a transmitter, is that he is actually a lot more local and super-serving of his audience than most of the biggest information stations in the US.