Chad Benson September 2014


What’s working…

Good topic selection

Good chemistry with Jeremy

Good job of making topics relatable..Cut on Education and Father proven innocent (Cuts 4 & 5)
Nice relatable point on Obama and ISIS  (Cut 3)
What needs some attention…
Still taking too long to get to the point (In the Furious Five cut…it takes a minute and a half to get to the first point and even when the cut ends three minutes later he’s only making his point on the first item.)
Too much time talking about “Third Person Thursday”. It doesn’t have to take so long, especially since you’re re-introducing the topic at the top of each hour. In the Open, cut 1, this just takes up valuable real estate.




1) Prep differently.  Think ahead ‘what’s the thing here’.   Then go back and think through how to make it stand out even more.  Fewer words.

2) As you start the topic, get to your prepped open within about 30 seconds, then work to back it up and explain yourself.

3) Reset your topic about halfway through the segment.  Super simple and almost in parenthesis.  Just catch us up as though someone just came into the room.

4) Keep the humor up.  The humor in this show is excellent, but it can also get pretty strident sometimes.  Just work to keep humor a very consistent part of the content.

5) In Furious Five, don’t talk about the poll first.  It doesn’t fit with “five things I need to know today”.  Just do the five things and make the poll a separate thing.


.Audio Examples

Setup taking too long.  Third Person Thursday…

Chad 01 Open Setup is Too Long


Furious Five…

Chad 02 Furious Five


A great segment.  Jay-Z…

Chad 04 JayZ Blue Ivy BET


Another good segment. Innocent father…

Chad 06 Father Innocent