1) Producer Phil.  Are you talking daily?  Is there someone you can bounce stuff off of…riff…find better ways to say stuff, come with better sound, right interview?

2) Show Open.  I really like the sound filled open!  How do you do that?

After the sound open, be entertaining but focused and simple.  Get right to the point as early as you can, then go back it up and explain yourself.

On GOP/DHS story, it’s hard to understand where you are in the open.  It feels inside, like I am not part of the group that is following you and knows what you’re talking about.

CHAD 01 open tighter clearer


Then  about 3 minutes later, you start to really focus in.

CHAD 02 DHS how you look clarity


Then you get to the really good stuff.  This is the best stuff and should come first or near first.

CHAD 03 really focused