What’s Working

When Dana starts to step away from pure politics and starts putting things in her own perspective, it’s fantastic.  The most recent example, below, is of her explaining why she was going to visit the border.

Dana’s humor!  It’s fantastic when she lightens up and focuses on weirdness in Florida, etc.

What’s Not Working

 Too much Kevin.

Too political too much of the time still.

Not enough humor consistently.



1) Dana should really try to do Pure Politics as a segment, even if once or twice each hour, just to clear time to talk about topical things in a less policial way the rest of the time.  Dana agreed to this and asked for followup to help her get it right.

2) Dana should be more humorous and clever more consistently.  It’s so refreshing when she lightens up, uses her voices, and takes on the absurd.  The Florida segment especially.  She should have this tone on general topics much more frequently.

3) I have asked Dana to cut way back on Kevin when not talking politics.  I played the first example below to show how in a humorous and non political topic, he really isn’t necessarily and in fact actually distracts from her having a more direct connection with the audience.  She agreed with this and said she would talk to Kevin and use him less frequently.


Here’s the example of too much Kevin.  Five guns, five fingers…

Dana-Guns-Rolling Stone 124-50


Here’s the example of Dana’s great humor and how she seeks out the absurd.  The Florida segment…

Dana -VooDoo Chicken Head! 65-16

This is a benchmark segment that cannot be repeated too much, but the tone can.  I’d love to hear Dana talk like this about other things and more general, topical things.

Here’s an example of Dana having a great insightful, personal point, especially the last 30 seconds.  The border…

dana border great

This is great Dana.  It’s topical yet not talking points, not over the top conservative politics, and a unique point of view.

I’d love to hear Dana explain and give her point of view on things in this way much more frequently.