Ratings Overview…

Down a little in Indy overall but up a little with men.  Up almost half a point since the ranting. The occasions are increasing…people coming back more frequently.

Up half a point in Orlando.

Austin is flat overall, up a little with men.  It’s definitely growing younger in Austin, with 25-34 and especially 35-44.   The time per occasion is still low, at 8 minutes compared to 12 or 13 minutes elsewhere.   They are more likely to tune in but less likely to stay as long.


There is monologue tune out:

-Often at the beginning when you don’t start right into a topic

-Often when you start reading large chunks of news copy

-Often when Kane comes in without intro and gives opinion that you then react to.

There is no monologue tune out:

-When you jump right in

-When you’re on a roll

-When you introduce Kane clearly and ask him a specific question

-When you are talking about yourself but in context (like having to check a gun before flying while all these shooting stories are current)

-When you’re telling a story.  Especially when you’re walking through a news story but in your own words.

Talking possible Trump VPs  Kane comes in and starts giving his own opinion, you say you have to really consider what he’s saying…

dana kane vp poss

Telling the story of Alton Sterling in your own words, totally on a roll…  (also Starbucks before Clinton topic)…

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.44.37 PM

What it sounds like when you’re just telling a story.  This is “Dana doing news”.  It’s also your opinion; we know what you think.  It’s also entertaining…

Dana jul14h2 just telling story

What it sounds like with some Kane, unintroduced.  Its a decent conversation but it’s between you and not us, and your focus is different…

Thursday, July 14 – Hour 3