Dave Stieren August 2014


What’s Working…

As always, Dave’s ability to jump right in makes all the difference!

There is more sense of humor, Dave Sarcasm, and fun than the last few times I’ve listened in.

Dave’s non-politics topic selection seems more fun and more relatable.  Bacon!

Dave can be biting without being mean spirited.  That will be increasingly important.

What’s Not Working…

I worry that there is too much politics too much of the time.

Dave is way to soft and generous with guests.

He still needs to just prep and focus.  Its harder to listen when he opens a topic without really knowing where he is going.


1) Prep better.  Just think through the opens of every topic and especially the hour opens, if nothing else.  Focus on making a great, fun, Dave point.  In prep get to “what’s the thing I want to say here” or “what’s the thing that’s bugging me about this” and start with that!  Get Tobin to really focus on this.

2) Please do more Bacon topics!

3) Lets corral, name, and claim politics as a section.  Maybe 4pm every day starts as “the hour of nonsense” and its the latest on 1, sb21, pot, miller, begich, etc etc.  Then people will make an appointment to tune in and Dave can do other topics more without losing the political feel.

Interview specific recommendations…

1) An hour is an eternity for an interview.  In fact, 6 minutes is a long time for an interview.  Work to keep guests for just one segment.

2) Don’t introduce a guest as a guest.  Start a topic, THEN bring the person into the conversation to ask specific questions to get specific information.  Even if it’s Dan Sullivan.  PLEASE learn to do this.

3) Put a fact info  in every question.  Avoid open ended questions.  Lead the guests to answer whatever it is you want him or her to focus on.

4) Have fun.  Disarm the guest. Make them laugh.


Here’s an example of Dave doing a great job of jumping right in.  Spending…

Stieren #6-Questionable Spending 8:5 3p

Here’s an example of Dave not knowing where he is going as he starts.  Labor ordinance…

Stieren #5-Labor Ordinance 8:5 3pm

And another one of Dave not prepped.  Local concerts…

Stieren #1-Local Concerts

Here’s an example of the best of Dave.  Bacon!

Stieren #4-Bacon Shortage? 8:5 3pm