October 7, 2014


What’s working

Doug seems more on top of recent stories especially Ebola.

A lot more passion and focus from Doug.  Excellent!

Hearing a greater focus on social media and in a way that Doug seems familiar.  Excellent and important.

Doug and rich making a great team

Interview with Miles Obrien is good Model to make news with others.

Intros to the late night guys is better.  Makes Doug sound more in tune with them.

What needs attention

I don’t hear the others lately.  Mostly Rich

I still want Doug to be more up in basic facts of the  stories


1) Keep the Ebola passion across a variety of topics.  It’s not heavy. It’s entertaining.

2) Interviews use them for experience and knowledge first and promote their stuff last.

3) When introducing  Kenny with social media and the late night guys be specific.  You already sound more clued in than before. This will turbo it.


Audio Examples

Doug really jumping out on Ebola

Doug 01 Ebola Fri Oct 3 6am


Doug with a caller about Ebola

Doug 03 More Ebola-Caller


Doug with late night hosts on Secret Service

Doug 04 Late Night takes on Secret Service


Doug with Miles O’Brien about missing Malaysia jet

doug 04 miles interview crazy