Greg and Dan September 2014


What’s working…

Greg & Dan’s chemistry, as always.

They are interrupting each other less

The news sounds much better; lots of voices

What needs some work…

They led the 7am hour with a Chinese seizure of chicken feet.   They did a great job on the topic, but did the topic at the wrong time.  They followed chicken feet with a bookless library in Florida.

Their energy is way off.  They sound like they’re hanging out, meandering.  There have lost the sense of urgency they had before.

They have to get the formatics and teases back on IMMEDIATELY as the Fall book starts


1) They have to lead with the biggest stories and get to the fun stories going into breaks.

2) They have to Pick up the pace again, have a sense of urgency, like there is a lot going on that I need to know and they’re dying to tell me.

3) Formatics:  getting into the topic in the first few second of a segment; teasing well out of the segment, calls and names and time in and out every time.

 Audio Examples

7am lead segment.  Chicken feet, wireless libraries…

WMBD GD 01 7a open weak

WMBD GD 02 no tease no formatics


7am segment 2 lead.  Sneeze, best friends…

WWMD GD 03 seg 2 best friend