What’s Working…

Great mix of story and opinion when both are clear (example below, ISIS and Iraq soldiers)

Great teasing!  Consistent, interesting.

The show has better rhythm now.  It is moving forward faster.

Good movement from bigger topics at top and bottom to funner topics later on (weather, ISIS first, mixing drinks later)

Greg really is a great story teller (example below)


What needs some attention…

When the story and opinion are not as clear, it can be a mess (example below of cyclone bomb weather phenom and drink)

The show is still very inside, partly break to break because of a lack of resets.

Live spots are all about 1.30

News: story count should be 6, some readers are .30 long.



1) Keep it simple, especially in earlier hours.  Lay out a story, give the facts, then give an opinion.  Don’t try to mix them up, it’s too confusing.

2) Doing lighter stuff later really sounds better.  Keep at it, do it more.

3) Make sure there is a simple, clean reset for the main topic if you carry something over a break and especially over an hour.


Audio Examples:

Confusing mix of Bomb Cyclone story and joke…

WMBD 01 GD cyclone bomb drink confuse


And another one, not really reset…

WMBD 03 bomb cyclone too inside conf


This is great: ISIS story leads to Iraq soldiers Greg and Dan opinion.

WMBD 04 isis good clear intro iraq opin


Greg telling a story about almost losing both feet…

WMBD 06 GD good story greg


A :90 Live spot…

WMBD 02 90 second spot