Jason and Dat September 2014


What’s working…

I am hearing Jason and Dat get right into a topic more and more.  Example below.  Sounds great!

The team is starting to interact more like a team and less like a host with a permanent guest.  They are really discussing issues from each of their points of view.

The flow and rhythm is much better than before.  It moves faster, they seem more engaged.

What still needs work…

Resets.  They get into a topic and then never really reset it, leaving newcomers to the conversation wondering what’s being discussed

Clear set ups.  In the hours I monitored from this week the first segment setup was clear, but subsequent ones were less clear.  They have to plant the topic clearly and then go on to discuss it.

Humor.  They had some fun in the hours I heard, with an example below.  But I’d love to hear more, now that their interaction and rhythm is better


Use the below example of starting an hour as a model!  It is near perfect.  Do every segment with this kind of engagement and timing!

Dat’s got to let loose like he does in the example below, more often. The example can be another model of what to do well much more often


Show open.  Nearly perfect…

Jason Dat 01 perfect open


A great exchange…

Jason dat 02 great exchange

Dat finally opens up here and barely lets Jason talk. Normally that’s a red flag but not this time, and not with Dat.  This is what he should do more often.

This is the first time I’ve heard the team sounding like a team and not host and perms-guest.  Excellent.  It’s because of Dat’s excitement.

Jason being fired up and explaining…

Jason Dat 03 good jason