Overall content:
1) The amusements segment was a waste.  Filler.  It’s what Ethan complains about.  Bernadette just read a confusing list of places, botched some of the foreign names as if she were just reading cold, and it gives validity to Ethan’s complaints that sometimes they talk about nothing.
2) Interview/North Korea  was a good topic made better by the fact that bernadette had actually seen it.  She was prepared, informed, and funny, although she had not really thought through her opinion about the whole thing.  Ethan offered no opinion other than he wont see the movie.
3) Pot guy was the strongest topic.  Bernadette was clearly interested in it, and thought it through, and had a confidence and strength that sounded good.
4) Considering their backgrounds and connections in politics, I thought the Moving to Juneau topic was pretty light and without a lot of insightful thinking.
Overall style:
1) They are bickering less.
2) There is still very little opinion from Ethan, do much of what he contributes doesn’t mean much.  I still yearn to hear what he really thinks, to hear him really explain stuff.  I missed hearing more of his experience and opinion on the Juneau topic, and I was surprised to hear him dismiss the Interview as ridiculousness without talking about free speech and a defense of the first amendment.  He didn’t sound very liberal or engaged.
3) Bernadette sounds like she is reading too much in her openings.  She needs to pre-read and tell stories more.
1) Ethan has to give an opinion and explain stuff based on his knowledge and experience most of the time.  It currently would sound to an average listener that he’s not doing it at all.
2) Bernadette has to prepare more.  She has to think 1) what’s the thing here.  2) why do I care?  3) What’s my real opinion about this?  and then 4) Ok, how do I take this to a next level?  Can I add a ‘then what’?  Is there a good guest?  Is there a good story?  Does Ethan have some good experience or education here we can use?