What’s working…

The bickering is significantly better than before!

The show is so much more informative, interesting, and easy to listen to

Bernadette’s voice is now workable.

There is much more Ethan in “lighter” topics

What still needs some attention…

Ethan still jumps in and derails a bit.  Examples below.

Bernadette is taking too long to get into interviews and the questions are crazy long.

There is not enough Bernadette in “heavier” non AK politics topics



1) Ethan has to keep participating in funner topics.  He sounds great!

2) Bernadette has to start an interview by introducing the topic, combining a SHORT first question with the guest into, and then let the guest answer.  And then stay on the guest do the questions and answers go fast.

3) They really have to wait their turn to talk.  I hear many more examples of they’re doing this, and it sounds do good, even though they must hate it.

4) Bernadette has to prep more on the heavier non politics topics so that she feels more comfortable giving an opinion and explaining in them.

Audio Examples…

Going back and forth.  This sounds good and does not sound like bickering…

KFQD 01 sharing


Derailing a topic.  It was about a minute and a half before Bernadette got to the actual topic…

KFQD 02 derail


Bernadette smoking something in an interview…

KFQD 02 too long question


Another example of holding tongues, waiting, and having a really good exchange as a result…

KFQD 04 back and forth good