What’s Working…

Bernadette’s voice is not an issue in this new show!  From a tone standpoint, she sounds good.

She has strong points to make, but (like Stieren in the very beginning) they are buried under a lot of meandering. Examples below.

She’s hitting most of the big topics.

What to work on…

She needs confidence.  She needs to prep well enough to know where she is going and then on the air be eager to get there, again as Stieren now does.

She needs to weed out the “one off” topics or shorten them dramatically.  A topic yesterday about stealing lunch money from toddlers…no one to disagree, no counter idea on that one.  Yet it went 8 minutes.

She needs to start strong with a topic.  No banter, no asides, and then race to get to her well thought out and prepared opinion.   This alone will help a lot.

Audio Examples…

KFQD 01 B need clarity and direction

-This should be super clear.  It’s very hard to follow her and understand where she’s going.


KFQD 02 B topic no there there

-There are still too many topics like this.  This should be a “oh by the way did you hear…” topic after a main topic and before a break.  It should never be an open and never last longer that maybe a minute.  This one went on for 8.


KFQD 03 B stronger 4 in

This is good, strong, clear opinion.  It was four minutes in, it should have been less than a minute in.  But it’s a start!  She needs to work on this kind of clarity in prep, and then immediacy in execution.