What’s working…

When Bernadette is talking about a topic she’s knowledgeable about and comfortable with, she is more insightful more frequently.  It’s great to hear.  In Example 1 below about legal pot, you can hear her make an excellent point and back it up well.

Bernadette’s voice is much better than when she started with Ethan last year.

She has an overall very good balance of topics, from politics to pop culture and the biggest news stories.


What needs some attention going forward…

That good balance of topics she has needs to be put in better order.  She should start the show, hours, and key segments with the biggest stories and then ‘downshift’ into pop culture or politics in secondary segments as she approaches the bottom of the hour and top of the next hour.

The show should start on the biggest story she has, to take full advantage of the larger morning drive audience as she comes on at 8.30.  Often the time is spent with personal chat with Joe, and not a great topic start.  Example 2 below.

She needs more voices other than hers and Tobin’s.  It might be worthwhile opening up a second segment for calls, in addition to adding more guests as she and Joe have talked about.



1) Joe should help Bernadette get into her lead topic and help her avoid personal chit chat.  Maybe with the examples of this show, Joe could have started with something like “Bernadette’s here…so you’ve got a whole other way of looking at legal pot…” to get her right to her best premise of the hour.

2) While she is home, is it possible to get some processing on her mic or her line in from home so she doesn’t sound so shrill?  She’s shrill enough without the very tinny line.

3) When doing politics, she should tend toward a single premise (like the alcohol point below) or present three points like “three things you have to know about this legislature session…”


Audio Examples…

Open with Joe.  This is the first minute of about 6…

KFQD 01 joes life 1 min


Comparing pot to cigarettes, not alcohol…

KFQD 02 pot vs booze insightful