Bernadette asked me to listen to a marijuana topic she did on July 10 at 9am and again at 10:15 and 10:30.  Unfortunately I was only able to find the 9am segment in the podcasts. Here are some observations…

The topic start, about the ‘big business’ of marijuana in the AK…

KFQD 02 BW taco bell start

-As a detour from the main topic, this went too long, at about two minutes. It makes it sound like the whole interview and segment are going to be about Taco Bell’s fourth meal.  This would have made more sense as a “by the way” question at the end of the interview.

-This is representative of how I’ve heard Bernadette topic starts lately…she really dives right in with almost no ‘hanging out’ at the outset. That is very powerful.

KFQD 01 BW real start 6 in

-Even after Bernadette gets to the main topic with the guest, there is some ‘winding in’ until she gets to this.  This is excellent, and Bernadette at her best, but it’s about 6 minutes in.  THIS is what could have started the segment with her new focus on immediate topic starts.

-Great treatment of the guest.  This interview is more conversation than interview, which is much more listenable.  And Bernadette asks good questions that bring out good info like his analogy here of the pot business to the beer business.


1) In prep, go one more step.  Once you’ve sent your topic, think about what you really want to say about it.  What your real point is.  THAT is the thing to start with, and then back out from there to explain, defend, etc.   It’s not enough to just start a topic fast.

2) This is a model interview.  Do them like this more often!  You were confident, comfortable, knew your stuff, and got a lot out of the guest without ever letting him ramble for two or more minutes.  Keep it short and moving fast, just like this.