It’s fantastic to hear Bernadette really jumping right into her topics like never before.  This is a big improvement.  
Here are some examples and suggestions to help her really hone this way of working…
-Bernadette has to bullet point this first, in language for 4 year olds.  Make it super easy to understand what this is all about.
-Then she should intro the consultant with a question, rather than a big intro of the guest first. He should be one of her many tools to help me understand this topic, not a feature by himself.  For instance, “I am just at a loss to understand what the heck the governor is doing here.  Brad Keithly is with us now…consultant for oil and gas….Brad, help us understand this…
-Bernadette’s questions are too long, often at a minute or longer.
-Again, great getting right into this topic without losing any momentum!
-But again, the guest intro is way too long and should not be the lead.  This would have been greatly helped by some simple bullet points or storytelling by Bernadette to both set up the story, update us on the latest, and then simply introducing the guests: “…and we now know this whole thing is costing New York a million dollars a day!  Sgt Susie Pyle from Corrections and probation officer Caroline Stevens are in studio…Jeeze, Susie when you see this, do you cringe?…”
-It would be great to hear Bernadette do these interviews in a more conversational style, with more human questions.  In the example above with the consultant, she was as wonky and jargony as he was.  In this interview I kept waiting for her to ask more personal questions of the guests about how they feel as they watch the manhunt unfold.  It also would be great to hear more stories from guests, for instance asking these two for examples when they say prison staff spend 12 hours with inmates and yes there are problems.  What problems?  What’s the craziest problem they’ve seen? etc.
-This is a perfect example of the looser, more conversational approach I referenced above.
-Bernadette did a good job of getting the mayor to really open up about Trump.
-This sounded promotional because the guy really got a full half hour to just plug the business.
-Bernadette did ask more human questions in this, which sounded good.
1) Set up the story in the simplest, easiest way possible.  THEN introduce your guest.
2) Intro a guest combined with a question, and keep the actual intro of the guest to just a few words.
3) When prepping interviews, think about the main question(s) you want to have answered, but then also think of some more personal questions…the kind we all are thinking about and would love to know.
4) Be careful with the CBS sound.  Make sure it adds to the the story or setup you are already doing.  And make sure you are ready to run without it so if the audio fails, you do not flounder.