Follow up to previous conversations…

Bernadette is really developing nicely.  After so much time, it’s really nice to hear how directly she gets into topics and even interviews.  Either her voice is managed better or the improvements in her style make the sound of her voice less relevant.  Now that she’s getting the style down, it’s time to really focus on content:

I suggest Bernadette hyper focus on two things:  Having a very insightful point for as many of the bigger topics as possible, so that she starts to add to the conversation.  This will keep her from sounding like she’s whining.  And in interviews, keep them all as fun conversations, never as a Q&A in which a guest is allowed to drone on and on without her.

01 Pot Tax

KFQD BERN 01 pot tax great open needs insight

Very confident, clear open!

Credible, well thought out

This segment needs more insight…what would BERNADETTE do about the pot tax?  What’s her suggestion?  That is what will separate her from just sounding like she’s whining all the time.

For prep:  What’s your real point here?  What’s your take away?

02 AK History

KFQD Bern ak history too many dates

AK history open is fantastic but at over a minute, too long.  Just tighter and will be perfect

Too many numbers.  The cut shows even she has a hard time keeping track of all the dates.  Have to change up: “fifty years ago this week” etc

03 White House Poetry Intro

KFQD BERN 03 white house poetry guest good intro but tighter still

Good intro…right to the person, not a lot of greeting first

I want to hear it tighter still, and a stronger first question

04 White House Convo

KFQD BERN 04 White House Poetry Convo

This is an interesting conversation, not at all like an interview.  All guests should sound like this!

05 Special Session 

KFQD BERN 05 Special Session senator interview good intro deep weeds

Another very tight guest intro!  Excellent!

This is more Q&A than conversation, and dives deep into political weeds really fast.  He makes it worse and Bernadette does not intervene enough.

This is very typical of Bernadette political topics…often talked about without much reset or reference, as though we are all up to speed on the machinations.  This should be bottom line only, and a very clear strong question to lead off.