What’s working…

Bernadette continues to have great energy and momentum.  This is much more engaging.

The interviews are sounding more like conversations and less like interviews.  They also start much more quickly.

Bernadette seems to be relying much less on Tobin and asking fewer questions.

What needs some attention…

Although Bernadette’s prep is much better than before, she needs to make sure she has a strong open to every segment.  In the first example below she starts mid-thought

On the day monitored the top story in national news and Kathy’s newscast was Shell pulling out of the North Slope, yet Bernadette led with special session and never mentioned the Shell story.  Why?

There may be too much politics again (although I just monitored one hour.  There was too much in 10a/Tuesday Sep 28 but maybe that was exceptional)

The rumor segment is well produced but doesn’t work.  It’s too inside politics, and with stories like “…fired for forging her boss’s signature…” I worry that it’s too risky.

Too much crime in the news.  Every single story in Kathy’s news was crime, some more than two days old,  except the Shell story as lead.

Audio Examples…

Hour open.  Special session…

kfqd bern 01 spec sess exclu open

-This just sounds like it starts mid thought

-Is this one of the biggest stories in Alaska generally?

-Great energy and momentum, just not prepped well enough

Interview with Dixons from the wilderness lodge

kfqd bern 03 good conversational

-Interesting difference in Bernadette’s tone when she’s just talking

-This could have been boring and a little stiff.  The guest was monotone.  Bernadette kept it fun and interesting.

New Rumor experiment…

kfqd bern 05 rumor

-This sounds way too political, too narrowly focused

-I worry about legal risk

Kathy news….

kfqd bern 04 kathy crime

-Good first story.  It was national.  Why not in Bernadette’s hour?

-Just too much crime, and too much crime bunched together.  This is not a newscast for ‘drop off line moms’ or the FM signal.