A quick checkup, listening to 5 random hours this week…

True Alaskans…

Stieren-01 True Alaskans 4:20 4-5pm

-Quintessential Dave.  Great take, fresh topic.


Snowing pterodactyl sized flakes…

Stieren-03 Weather

-Also quintessential Dave.  Super relevant, local, ‘pick up line mom’ topic!


.Legislature Overtime…

KFQD DS 01 reset

-This is segment three of this topic and obviously no reset.

-Dave was pretty in the weeds on the legislature OT for two days.  The first segment of the first day he was all fired up and funny, and then the rest of it was more of the same.  And it’s a process topic.


Playboy bunny saves the flag…

Stieren-04 American Flag

-A lot of reading here.  It’s not necessary.  It would be better and a lot more fun to just hear Dave tell it.

-He wonders what we think.  It would be better to say what HE thinks first, then give out the number.  Actually kind of odd to not hear his opinion right up front.