Dave making PHENOMENAL points…

Brian Williams…

KFQD Stieren 01 schaudenfreude

-Great topic lead!

-Great that Dave has fun with this first, then gets serious.

-The actual point, a really good one no one else is saying, comes too far in.  Another four minutes until this:

KFQD Sstieren 02 briwi



Oil Prices…

KFQD stieren 03 oil good but meander

-Again, super relevant topic and great open.

-Again, it kind of meanders between the open and Dave’s Best Thinking.


1) Dave has to prepare differently.  At some point in the process before he goes on air, he has to ask himself (or even better, be asked by Silent Tobin or someone else) “What’s the thing about this??”  He almost always sees a thing in these stories that the rest of the media doesn’t.  But it usually takes him so long to find it as he does his monologue, that the impact and power of it are lost.

2) The flow should be:

Great open, as he now does almost 100% of the time.

A pause to build tension, when it makes sense

His real point, the one he gets to 4 minutes in currently

Back up, explain, use story to reinforce the point

Make the point again, clearly

Take call/go to break/change topic