What’s Working…

There is a big difference in the modulation of Dave’s voice as he goes between soapbox and intimate.  It sounds great. You can hear this toward the end of the second example below.

Prep vs No Prep is really jumping out.  When Dave thinks through his main point as much as he thinks through the story itself,  it makes a huge difference.  He has such a unique ability to simplify and bottom line things.

There is so much less Tobin overall, and it sounds great.  It is much easier to feel connected to Dave and that he’s talking right to the listener!

What needs more attention…

There’s a blind spot.  When the topic is state politics, Dave is too much in the weeds politically to be able to pull above it easily.  In two recent days in which he talked about State politics…state senate candidates one day, governor and the budget the next day, he started knee deep in the details.  I think it’s because he’s too close to these topics.

Part of Dave’s prep has to be finding his main point to make about every main topic, as discussed previously and as he is now doing much of the time.  But also, part of his prep has to be that when it’s a state politics topic, Tobin or Joe or someone should help him think out loud to be able to start the topic above the fray and only dip into the weeds as needed.

I continue to not think the CBS wraps are an unnecessary distraction.  Dave is much better at setting up his topics without them.  In one example below you’ll hear his great setup and the CBS Howard Aaronstein voicer slow him down and be largely irrelevant.

Part of Tobin’s producing should be to find sound outside of Tv and CBS, and a lot of it.  For instance in an excellent point Dave was making about Hillary not being able to take  a punch, he quotes a debate with Barak Obama 8 years ago but in fact there are thousands of examples online that would take 10 seconds to search and 5 minutes to scrape audio.  We need to have more of this kind of sound in Dave’s show instead of the CBS wraps.

Audio Examples…

01 Dave on Hillary.  Excellent point, well thought out.  CBS Voicer made irrelevant by Dave’s great setup.  More valuable than the CBS wrap would have been 30 seconds of sound of Hillary fumbling in an Obama debate to perfectly make Dave’s point.

KFQD DS 01 gd hill insight no need cbs

02 Dave on the state budget and the governor.  Dave starts in the weeds, digs deeper, it sounds like he’s reading, and in the last few seconds changes his tone, which is excellent, and simplifies the role of the governor perfectly, which is what he should have lead with…

KFQD DS 02 gov budget