What’s Working…

Great topic Selection! From Brady balls to Mayweather Pacquiao to Medicaid to Hillary to Ana Kendricks cups. In just two short hours

Nice use of sound. There is more than before and it really adds.

Dave is mixing his sarcasm and sense of humor with insight more often. Very powerful.

What needs some attention

Opening segments are not well prepared and Dave sounds very distracted.

Dave’s resets out of breaks are great but he needs to reset before calls. Calls come in on various topics and even from previous hours.  It sounds very exclusive and ‘inside’.

Dave’s topics are great. His insight on most topics is great. His starts are very good, with very little distraction before he gets into a topic. Now he should focus much more in getting to that great insight faster, earlier in each topic.


Audio Examples
Dave 01 Opening segment. Distracted, clearly not thought through

dave 01 romney prep (extract)

Dave 02 Where the segment should have started with a little prep. About three minutes in…

dave 02 the start (extract)



Dave 03 A reset a half hour later. Notice the difference in his voice. He is present…

dave 03 succinct voice lower (extract)


Dave 04 Great segment on Ana Kendricks and the cups song. Well thought out, perfect for the target, good use of both sound and Tobin, and personal…

dave 04 cups (extract)