Followup from last week’s notes…

-The 8.30 open is tighter now but still too loose.  Mark needs to come out as strong as possible to capture as much of the morning cume as possible.

-Mark’s personal stories are fantastic and I want to hear more of them!  But I want to make sure Mark always has a very relevant point for the rest of us, and that this is prepped ahead of time.  Example below from today’s great story and comments about coaching.

-Mark did a mini monologue on the message from the Pope the other day.  I didn’t get it.  Is this a benchmark?  There was music under, like it’s a regular feature.

-What are our benchmarks?

-Keep the topics moving forward.  Apple/FBI was an excellent point but got repetitive.  When you feel yourself coming around the bases, move on and bring it back.  Even if it’s the day’s big topic.  Better to do twice an hour for a short time than once for longer.

Audio Examples

01 Personal story about the value of being on sports teams as a kid and the reward of coaching.  Excellent and well told!  Just need a clearer point somewhere closer to the beginning…

KFQD MC 02 personal coach story


02 Mark is a great story teller but he’s so good that it stands out when he is reading.  He should almost never read.   Old ladies kicking butt…

KFQD MC 01 good stories dont read