KFQD News writing December 16, 2015 (Monitored December 7, 2015)

There is definite improvement in the news writing and story selection since the last monitor.  The writing is more conversational and with less jargon.  The story selection now involves more local non-crime stories, and on this day the crime stories did not lead any cast.

The anchoring is better in the early midday hours, and the extra voices in morning drive really make a difference.

There are two many unnecessary references to Channel 2, especially in stories that they did not generate as enterprise stories and in which we have no sound borrowed from Tv.  The Mayor Berkowitz kills a transportation project and an Anchorage assembly meeting stories are examples.

We don’t seem to be generating enough new material.  The 3pm update had the same stories as the 7.30am newscast.  It’s ok for stories to survive into the midday without being updated but in PM drive we run too much risk of listeners hearing the same stories on their drives to and from work.

While I am a big fan of Kathy’s energy and pace, I think she is reading a little too fast.  It sounds like she is cramming her three stories into the minute (:50 minus the intro). This is a writing issue, not a delivery issue.  Almost every one of her stories in every update is 3 or four sentences long.  They should be one or two as a rule, three as a seldom exception.

Both Joe and Kathy’s tone is excellent, as always.  We sound conversational and professional.  However, I think changing tone even slightly when moving from Mayor kills project to Cop’s face is broken would make our anchors seem even more human.


Kathy, 3pm…


Joe, 7.30am…

KFQD NX 01 joe no sound tv ref same tone all