KFQD Newsday


What’s Working

Joe is sounding more and more comfortable as a single host.  More casual, more comfortable.

She show flows more smoothly than before.  There are fewer gaps and errors.

There is more sound than before, and the news starts with sound more frequently than before.

What’s Not working

The writing is back to being pretty stiff and full of jargon (the first story of the hour I Monitored started with “Fairbanks police say…”).

The crime and terribleness have crept back in.  About half the stories in a monitored day last week were crime or accidents.

The voices we are fortunate to have should be on the biggest, most memorable stories and we should develop them as personalities.

Many stories are simply too long.  One voiced story was about 1.30.



1) The first story or two of every newscasts should be more carefully written so at least the bigger stories we do sound better and get more attention.

2) We should regularly review the writing.  Habits are hard to break.

3) We should assign non crime stories, more human interest stories, and the most interesting stories for others to read for the morning.  And then we should regularly work with the voice work, as we do with talk show hosts.

4) We should benchmark big, ongoing issues like Prop 1, Prop 2, Pebble, etc.  Make it a section and call it “here’s what you need to know…”

5) We should regularly look to fill out newscasts with ‘other’ news, as a habit: a health thing, a money thing, a tech thing.  This will help dilute the crime and terribleness stories.

6) Joe is improving as a stand alone host, but a morning news block will always sound better, bigger, and move faster with a second voice.


Here’s an example of a newscast  from the bottom of the hour

KFQD-NewsDay #7-Bottom of the Hour News

Note the lead of the first story

Note the “wire” sound of the writing in general

Here’s an example of Joe’s smoother style but terribleness…

KFQD-NewsDay #3- 2nd seg


Here’s an example of the hour open.  Smooth, great teases, brief…

KFQD-NewsDay #1-Open 8:4 7am

Story Rundown from 6am, August 4 2014.  Crime and Terrible in BOLD

1) Man arrested for killing wife-Steve Moore voicer
2) Zoo van involved in car crash-reader
3) Alaska gets involved in children coming over the border issue-2 cuts
4) Standoff in Mt View ends with an arrest-reader
5) Public can weigh in on ATV’s in Wasilla-reader
6) A measure to replace a labor law-2 cuts
7) A vaccine for Ebola may be available next July-reader
8) Water ban lifted for Toledo, Ohio-reader
9) Family of 5 shot to death in Virginia-reader
10)Oregon woman in custody after attacking her children, killing one-reader
11) Fire and Water creating headaches in California-reader
12) A man hurt while hiking-reader
13) A lane on Seward hwy is closed briefly-reader
14) Anchorage assembly approves restaurant parkland-reader
15) Fatal House fire-Reporter Small Hall
16) Enstar and union workers agree on a contract-
17) Basketball tournament-2 cuts
18) Big marijunana discovery at a home-reader
19) Man charged with killing his wife-Steve Moore voicer
20) Zoo van in car crash-reader
21) Alaska involved in debate over children at the border-2 cuts
22) Standoff in Mt View ends with an arrest-reader