Almost all are coming in from the KEPN and KDSP.  But we lose mostly to KKFN and KOA (and KOSI).

They come in and stay longer for the explanations and stories.  They leave quicker during looser moments.

They leave at every break.

We’re lucky to get 8-10 minutes, but that’s normal.

What to do from here…

Focus is the single most important thing, even when it’s not sports.  Always make it a topic, not a hangout.

If you do non sports, get back to sports.  When you’ve been heavy in sports, go light with a focused non sports topic

Explain, explain, explain.  Julie can ask more of Vic and Kyle…how things work, why this isn’t what it appears, what’s going to happen next, etc?

Audio Examples

01 Guy stuff.  Non sports but focused, thematic…

KSE VK 02 guy stuff good focus

02 Explaining, adding to the conversation.  This is what people come back for, share with others…

KSE VK 01 good explain