I want to know…

-Why are you doing this?

-What does success look like?

-What keeps you up about this show?

What’s working…

Authenticity!!  It’s the biggest strength and the secret weapon.

-Engaging.  You just draw us in.  It makes us want to know what you have to say.

-Entertaining, but because of the authenticity.

 Some things that might help…

-Use the authenticity to back up/explain your opinions.  Explain your thinking, what’s behind your belief…personal experience, learned from dad, etc.    Listeners aren’t really into having their horizons expanded, they are into being confirmed.  But your authenticity is a way in that is too engaging to ignore.  You’ll get more “hmmm I never thought of it that way” by being super transparent about why you think what you think than just being the liberal guy on the conservative station, etc.

-The wind-in is really long.  I’d rather hear you get to the main thing you want to talk about early and first, and then devolve as you approach a break.  You will be more likely to engage not just your FM crossovers but existing listeners and new listeners if your topic and especially your point of view comes out earlier.

-The producer can be distracting.  It feels less engaging when he is responding to you constantly, often saying “yeah” and “Mmm”.   His role should be to ask you questions, provoke you, nudge you to say more, explain more, go personal more.

-The calls are good, but don’t make it too much about calls.  It’s all about you.  Keep it more to what you think/want us to know, and then just add in a good call when you have one.