1) The personal stories are best when they lead into or have to do with a topic.  Crying and then about how we all deal with our views…

KLBJ DD 03 good insight nd more

KLBJ DD 02 blubber


2) Better to get right into the biggest thing as you open rather than make us wait too long.  Especially when it’s election and Trump.  It is personal and visceral and there seems to be unending appetite and I doubt people are going to wait too long to get into it.  On Trump, ‘swing the other way’ when it makes sense.  That goes a long way.


3) On the days Ive listened there is little or no producer.  It sounds better…you sound more engaging,  I have to pay more attention or its easier to pay more attention.


4) In  the ratings…more people are listening weekly but less daily.  Maybe they’re new listeners who have not yet set the habit, or maybe they’re bouncing a little more.  Stay closer to the topics and keep explaining what you’re doing so it doesn’t sound clubby.