What’s Working:

Jeff and Ed sound more engaging and more interactive each time I listen. I really hear the difference with either Ed’s mic position or his mic technique here. He is significantly more present than before.

They have a fun topic in this hour…the reverend vs Whole Foods over a cake that says fag. It’s great to hear them take a break from politics and get back to it later in the hour.  They both have a lot to contribute over the cake.

Some things to work on:

Now that Ed has a lot more mic power he is starting to jump in a little too much again and he is paying less attention to where Jeff is in his set up. The nipper dog sound is back just a bit.

A caller calls in to tell Jeff and Ed that their topic about Giuliani endorsing Trump is just wrong factually. We should almost never put these callers on. Callers should mostly disagree, sometimes agree, and often tell great stories. But not make the guys look like they don’t know what they are talking about.

Deep in the second segment of the cake topic, Jeff and Ed start to sound a little repetitive. Makes sense after maybe 20 talk minutes on one story with limited facts. They should move along much earlier and then come back to the story, even if it means hitting the same story twice in one hour, rather than getting to the point where they repeat themselves.

Right after the repetitive sound they play a wrap that sets up the basics of the story they have been telling for two solid segments. It adds nothing and crashes the topic (and then the wrap comes back about four minutes later at the bottom of the hour news break)


Audio Examples
01 The cake…

klbj je 01 good set up nipper back fag cake

-Good setup
-There is a little nipper dog sound because Ed is less mindful of Jeff’s timing

02 More cake….

klbj je 02 good back and fortuh no nipper

-Ed’s new mic presence on full display. Excellent interaction and teamwork

03 Reporter wrap that flatly repeats what h ways have been saying solidly for about a half hour…

klbj je 03 no need formtv voicer in his topic and so deep

04 Caller ‘corrects’ factual premise of Trump topic

klbj je 04 caller disagrees fact. shouldnt do this