What’s Working…

This is a great mix of news/topics and opinion and entertainment.

There is a lot of really good information in this show.

What needs some more attention…

The information should be more bullet pointed at times, expanded into storytelling at times.  Depends on topic.

Charlie’s humor is great but there should be more of it more often.  I want to avoid the sound of two guys just discussing news.  Too “public affairs”

Production values!  Add more sound, some production to Charlie’s reactions when possible.

We need a benchmark or two, like a rapid fire or ‘translation’ etc

Audio Examples…

KLBJ mc 01 open more bullets first san ber

There was an incredible amount of info in this open segment, but it was spread out and interrupted by Charlie’s reactions.

Better to bullet point the info and then let Charlie go.

Charlie should have the most entertaining reaction possible, even to this content.


KLBJ mc 02 fun tv good charlie ecen more and ecen funnier prod values

This is a great example of Charlie reaction as it should be more consistently.

This is also a great place to add some simple production, like QVC background music etc