What is working…

Todd’s straight, clear, urgent setups of most stories, and when Don has the right funny thing to say at the right moment!  (Example 01 below)

Don’s us.  He has all the less than ideological thoughts that most of us have.  When he ‘swings the other way’ it’s often refreshing but should not be dwelled on.  For instance last week it was a little surprising to hear him say that what happens to women’s bodies should not involve him at all, but later he said he does not support Hillary or Planned Parenthood. This adds a breadth the show.  It’s not all talking points like so many news/talk shows.

Todd’s transitions from one story to the next are impeccable.  It’s like he has a nervousness about dwelling too long, so just when a good point has been made or a story has been well told, he moves on better than anybody in the format.

What needs some attention…

Still too much focus on calls in the 6a hour.  For the listener it is much more about the story, the way you tell it, and your perspective on it.  By 8 it should be more about your opinions and callers telling you you’re nuts or even better, telling you their stories.

About the calls…if they mention something more than about two minutes away, you have to reset the topic however briefly.  Last week you had an excellent topic on El Chapo and Sean Penn…the Penn article had broken that morning…and several minutes later a caller called to talk about Penn while you were on something else entirely.  These are the ones that have to be reset and given a little context.

Don needs to prep an opinion just a little more.  When Todd probes he has to have something to say more consistently.  It doesn’t have to be huge every time, Todd is very good and moving on.  But when Don has no opinion and Todd keeps pushing it makes it sound like he’s hanging Don out to dry.

This show’s biggest strength is its clarity.  It’s at its best when Todd is laser focused on a story and Don has a funny quip, etc.  When Do struggles with his opinion and when Todd is reading someone else’s writing, it’s glaring.  In most shows it would go less noticed but in this show it’s huge because it’s so different from the norm (Example 02 below)

Audio Examples

01 El Chapo

KLBJ TD 01 grat don el chapo


02 Gobbledygoop (Cruz, unions)

KLBJ TD 02 Gobbledy both cruz preacher union scotus