-Growth 6a and 7a.  7a at just about the highest cume in a while.

-8 to 10 is mostly down since the beginning of the year, sometimes cume but also time per occasion.

-8.30 to 10.00 is mostly flat in share, holding at about 18th.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 6.48.28 AM

What to work on…

-It’s never really about the calls, unless they are totally nuts or have great stories.  It’s always about YOU and your reaction to the calls.  So screen for calls that either cause you to explain more or better, or you will have a field day with, or who have great stories.

-I want more Todd explaining.  It’s too many calls, not enough reset of stories or Todd’s take.

-You have to reset the topics before the calls to put them in context, as you do so well in earlier hours.  If you have a lot of calls coming in can you group them?  Reset guns for example, then take the two calls you have on guns?  Then reset Trump campaign, and take the call or two you have on that?

-In the 9a hour you replayed a call from the 8a where Todd was trying to ask a liberal very simple questions, and the guy was an idiot.  Great call and great idea to replay it: Todd was never mean, and the guy himself made it entertaining.

-It makes me nervous to hear Don talking on the air about telling his wife to shut up.  It came up out of context and it’s below what listeners would expect from an informed morning show host.  I think it’s safer and more entertaining to hear about how Don tried to put flea medication on his cat and it didn’t go well with the cat or the wife.