What’s Working…

The interaction gets better and better. I have the sense that Todd just transitions rather than dragging Don into a circle but it’s working.  There is so much less bickering, Don still gets opinion in, and we still mostly know what Todd thinks of it.

Good use of sound lately.  It’s shorter and it seems like there is more of it.  And fewer voicers.  Much better.

The “rotation” sounds better with one main topic but many bass covered, but the campaign should be in higher rotation daily anyway.

And maybe a campaign benchmark for a daily update that is appointment listening?

What needs more attention…

I still want to hear more of Todd’s opinion. I want to hear Todd add to the conversation, give me a new way of seeing something.  Those takeaways are one of the strongest things we can offer and the things people think about all day.

The campaign needs to be higher in the rotation.  Occasions are down one the last three months, while time per occasion is steady.  They’re just coming back a little less often than before.  Stay closer to the hits.

We had to reset the callers when they are out of the topic segment. This also gives Todd an opportunity to re-state the takeaway

Teasing is better. But more, please.

Audio Examples…

01 good opinion, good transition…

klbj todd don 01 good sound opin

06 Todd opinion to caller

KLBJ 06 todd don opin to call
04 Todd when no opinion

klbj todd don 04 todd no opin still tump colo