What’s working…

Todd’s opinion is starting to come out more and earlier and it sounds great!  (example 01 below)

Better interaction and less beating and baiting of Don.  It really does sound better and moves forward better.

Ed calls in to talk golf but actually it’s a fantastic interaction.  Can we do this as an actual live show promo daily?

What to work on from here…

We need to be clear about the length of the stand alone traffic, as we discussed our last meeting

In two or three hours monitored, I did not hear a single tease across a break.  Since these breaks are gargantuan, this is very important.

We are spending too much of the hour NOT talking about the big stories.  We have to at least ‘thread’ them, mention them as something working and ongoing.  But they should really be in higher rotation.

Audio Example

01 good interaction, Don disagreed with but left intact…

KLBJ TD 01 good todd opin back and forth felon box