KLBJ Todd and Don November 30, 2015

What’s working…

Good mix of local, national, world, and in the case of one show getting back to local issue on low income housing

Todd picks on Don more which always sounds good.  Would love to hear Don pick on Todd a little more, poke the bear.  Call him out.  More below.

Todd is much better at story setup.  You never need Fox voicers or wraps.  Do it yourself, take the sound.  Use local wraps mostly to position our reporters.  Can we sometimes have them in live for in studio setups?

Going forward…

Don wait your turn.  Then let us know exactly what you think and why, and turn it on Todd from time to time.  Example below Dunkin

Don should have a stronger opinion when possible, or at least stated more clearly.  Example below.

Calls, especially early, should be really short and lead to Todd explaining or opining more.  Example below.

Not hearing a lot of teasing across breaks?

Audio Examples…

01 ISIS terms.  Good Don role, thinking the same as we all do…

KLBJ TD 01 good don what we all thi k isis terms

04 Dunkin Donuts….

KLBJ TD 04 food don want wven sfeonger dunkin

Good Don!

I want even stronger opinion.  If you believe it go for it, call Todd out!

02 Call about local housing…

KLBJ TD 02 call 3 min but goosd reapind after 30 second. cut and run

The first 30 seconds of the call are all you need

Good response to the call after 30.  Then move on to the next point or next thing.

This call went on for three minutes.  Another 7am call went 3 mins before you jumped in.

03 SXSW police presence.  Don role…

KLBJ TD 03 sxsw poli ce roles don ket todd finish rhen jump

Don should wait for the main point, Todd’s setup and/or opinion, then jump